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Metal Fabrication Division
Amada Pulsar 2415XL

Amada Pulsar 2415XL
2KW Laser with AS 6-shelf load/unload tower

  • 60" X 120" utilizing autoload system
  • 60" X 160" with reposition utilizing manula-load system
  • Clean cutting (nitrogen assist) of 1/4" stainless steel
  • Maximum material thickness: 5/8 mild steel

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Accurshear 625010

CNC Turret Punching
Amada Vipros 368K
Amada Vipros 255
Amada Pega 345Q
Amada Pega 244
Finn-Power TP-2515

CNC Laser Cutting
Amada Pulsar 2415XL 2KW
Mazak NTX 48 1KW

Hardware Insertion
Auto-Sert 7.5T

Amada HFB-1704/8

Amada HFB-1003/8
Amada FBD-1025
Amada FBD-3512
Adira QHA-6320
Niagara HBM-100-10-12
Verson 90T
Niagara 60T

Metal Stamping
Minster P2H-100
Warco 130T

Miller AeroWave
Miller 351 SynchroWave
Miller 250 SynchroWave
Lincoln MIG Station

Single Station
Euromac XP750/25

Taylor-Winfield 75kva

Plasma Cutting
Lincoln Pro-Cut 60

Pirahna P50

AEM Model 401
Burr-King Model 33

Strippit Power Notcher

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